Steelhead Troubleshooting Guide

My company has used Riverbed WAN Optimisation for a long timerb-logo. I believe it was being rolled out when I started here, around 5 years ago. I’ve just seen a post on Reddit about a new troubleshooting guide that is written by a Riverbed TAC Engineer, and has now been made publicly available.

A group of Riverbed TAC engineers have worked on an internal troubleshooting document to kick start new TAC engineers. It describes the design of the Steelhead appliance, the working of the optimization service and the setup of optimized TCP sessions, installation and operation related issues, various latency optimization related issues, on how to use the various CLI tools to troubleshoot and how you can deal with the contents of the system dump.

You can get the guide from the Riverbed support site.

SAP Logon Pad with SSO on XenApp

SAP-LogoMy company implemented SAP ERP a few years ago and it has been a tricky app for me to get working within a XenApp session. I’ve recently found the answer, and its really not very complicated at all.


We use SAP Logon 7.20, and the Kerberos SSO plugin. During installation, an environment variable is set in the user variables section that points to a DLL file.

The fix is simple, correct the path to the DLL file, and add the recreate it as a system variable. Shown below.

system variable

Enjoy your SAP SSO.

XenApp and Me – An Introduction

I’m a SysAdmin.  I’ve been working with XenApp for less than a year. I decided to take it on when the previous admin resigned. I was managing backups at the time, and from there, XenApp seemed like it would be easy to pick up.

In that time…

  • I’ve completed the XenApp 6.5 Administration course
  • XenApp has been retired
  • XenApp has been reborn with a completely different architecture
  • My employer has asked me to scope a VDI deployment

I’ve had to learn a fair bit in a short period of time…

I’ve decided to start writing about my experiences with all things Desktop Virtualisation. This is partially to help me remember things, and partially to help others who might come across the same issues.

I’m currently working on upgrading our farm from XenApp 6.0 to XenApp 7.5. This is my first exposure to the FMA architecture, and so far its been a positive experience. I’m planning to detail some of the technical issues I come across.

There has been a lot of negative commentary about XenApp 7.5, the removal of features, the growth of VMWare as a real competitor to Citrix in this space.  I hope to explore some of this over time.

There are few topics I’m already planning to cover,  hopefully some of it is useful for the community.